Concerts 2006

Uster (CH)


Biel-Mett (CH)

Loco Club

Spiez (CH)

Freezing Metal Nights

Spiez (CH)


Pratteln (CH)

Swiss Metal Attack Z7

Lyss (CH)

Art-O-Drom Kufa

Bern (CH)


Thun (CH)

The Rock

Erlinsbach (CH)


Wieden (CH)

Meh Suff! Metal Festival

Lyss (CH)


Pratteln (CH)

End of Dayz Z7
with: Admetos Dilema, Nächtlich Thränet
with: Mad Sox, Cryptic Voice, Beansidhe
with: Nekropolis, Maja, Seasons in Black, Apocryphal Death
with: Pain of Gomorrha
with: Diablolic Divine, Unlight, Petrified, Felony & more
with: ?
with: Pornflakes
with: Cremation, Mortal Factor
with: Bloody Blasphemy, Amagortis
with: Ambrossia, Bitterness, Arhan, Carnal Decay, Timor & more
with: Lyfthrasyr, Tremors, Eistroll
with: Sodom, Finntroll, Eluveitie, Legion of the Damned & more